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The Model created with our ‘complete integrated systematic solutions set’ will also serve directly to the future demands of details of design and material take-off by site execution teams without any conversion, only via standard AutoCAD with free add-ons will be possible.

This method will allow MoQ, BoQ, Quantity take off, purchasing situation follow, Materials on Site, Work Schedule, material, manpower, cash flow, test & commissioning follow up works etc. payment certificate, progresses & their reports, schedules, purchasing, manufacturing, materials  follow-up, unit manhours , daily manhours, tally sheet, delaying parts, critical path items, test, commissioning & handover schedules and results, all auto information and auto project distribution to the project teams, work instructions and followup, adding data, visual or audio notes to Model And create auto work orders from those, creating daily, weekly and monthly reports from/to the Model, all above mentioned jobs are bi-directional from outside data to Model or Model to outside data or to any BIM data’s direct and readily accessible at on standard AutoCAD.